About Essential Oils

Essential Oils were man's first medicine.

Egypt, China, and India have all used oils and their blends for thousands of years. The Bible has 188 references to oils. In Egypt, they were used with great efficacy for embalming. Temples were dedicated to their production and blending.

Essential oils are totally pure, organic and hold the highest healing frequencies. These oils are called essential because they hold within them the unadulterated essence of herbs and flowers in the form of volatile liquids, distilled from plants including roots, stems, leaves, bark, seeds, flowers and fruits.

Our cells are oxygenated and brought into balance by use of essential oils. An area of our brain, the amygdala, responds to fragrance. Every single inhalation of an essential oil reaches the amygdala, which sends the message to specific cells in our being which need oxygen. Within minutes, our cellular system receives harmony and balance and we feel the difference. A good example of their effectiveness would be sleep oils, which help us to sleep soundly though there may be a history of chronic insomnia.

Importance of Essential Oils:

  1. They help maintain body temperature.
  2. They provide energy.
  3. They insulate the nerves.
  4. They cushion and protect tissues.
  5. They oxygenate every cell in our being and are vital for healthier metabolism.
  6. They are vital for the proper growth and development of the brain and the central nervous system.
  7. These pure oils penetrate even hardened cell walls and within minutes the cells start receiving nutrients.
  8. Their aroma purifies the air, increasing atmospheric oxygen and ozone.
  9. The air becomes fresh, free from odors and bacterial growth.
  10. Those who use pure oils daily have a much higher resistance to all infections. They also recover much faster because of the high level of immunity achieved through daily use.

Becoming a Certified Essential Oils Practitioner

Level I
This workshop guides us through single oils and their properties as well as the blending oils for specific ailments, for beauty and for massage therapy.

Level II
The complex properties of essential oils continue to be explored. In addition, deep core meditations, a cosmic attunement, practical fun exercises, self-treatment and partner treatment are offered.

Level III
This workshop is offered to those who wish to become a Certified Essential Oils Practioner. After completing Levels One and Two, one is ready for Internship. This is a comprehensive three-month program under Dr. Bala's direct supervision.

Some of what we will learn (practice) includes:

  • Acquiring the skill to intuit oil blends for specific areas of concern.
  • Learning which oils can be used for inter-related areas. For example, hypertension, cholesterol, triglycerides and angina will have common stress triggers. Therefore similar oils will be used for these, enabling us to conserve oils when we make a blend for related imbalances.