"My son attended this workshop in 2003. He used to be extremely worried and filled with fear in many areas of his life. His school grades were below mediocre when I was told of Dr.Gulrukh Bala's expert handling of children. 
After having attended this workshop, my wife and I were amazed to see how much he had grown in confidence and joy. His grades at school rose in every subject. His friends remarked on the positive change within a week. My wife and I feel this workshop is the best birthday gift we gave him. His final board exam result was the highest he had ever accomplished!"

- Veena.

More Testimonials

This fun workshop is a favorite among mothers. Children have the best day of all, creating artwork, writing poems and describing memorable past events that have added brightness to their lives.

They receive a cosmic attunement too. There has been a thirty percent rise in school grades as well as in harmony at home and with peer groups.

Fear of being slighted and manipulated, fear of games people play to hold sway over emotions and thoughts, is markedly released. Self-worth returns. A child learns to live with courage and empowered thinking, fearless and free.

You may register your child at any time for this workshop. It is available in three one-hour telephone sessions as well.

Children receive the tools to release fear, guilt, stress, limiting beliefs, anger, low self-worth and all the other limitations experienced by angels recently returned to Earth.