Acceptance is an attribute we learn to hold in our awareness either through agreeing to experience a tough situation or following an often uncomfortable process without making an attempt to protest, to change it or quit. More specifically, it is an emotional state that leads us to mindfulness for our own selves first. Each of us will face times in our lives when we must face great risks. It is at such times that the attribute of acceptance serves us in the most profound ways.

Meditations on Acceptance assist us in healing ourselves and moving on to lead more fulfilling lives.


Understanding happens or is born when we have completed our conceptualization of a specific person or situation. It is a psychological process that allows us to feel safe to move on as we deal adequately with a specific area of concern.

Through Meditations on Understanding, we begin the process of helping ourselves to release stale belief patterns of the past and create a new foundation of understanding, which is necessary for all personal relationships including that of parent and child.