"At the weekly meditation each Saturday, I experience many special moments of growth and peace. It is most unique, every single time. Last Saturday, while I was visualizing beloved mother earth in my palms and seeing her core receiving the divine Light, I saw a large tree emerging in my vision. It was in full bloom and heavily laden with luscious fruits [the Indian jamoons].

I realized this is the very same tree that stands in my farmhouse. It had stopped giving fruits since the past five years [ever since my husband passed on]. Seeing it in full bloom with its delicious fruits, which my dear family and I had savored for so many years, filled my heart with immense happiness! Just as I was enjoying this beautiful feeling of sheer bliss, a great white light came down in sheets, like a waterfall and bathed the tree fully!

I am totally in awe of this miracle I experienced and am most grateful for it."

- Zarin P

More Testimonials

Weekly meditation sessions are held individually as well as in groups. There are special sessions for beginners as well as for advanced students.

Each session focuses on the harmony beyond the mind. This is supra-mental yoga or Heartlight. It takes us closer to our own truth, to know Self through self and clears blocks that previously seemed impervious to all remedies.

An extraordinary peace and creativity takes root as we begin to harness the empowerment of breath awareness and steadily expand to Conscious awakening. Meditative sessions bring us to the freshness and freedom of living quality lives as champions in the power of the present moment.

It is most interesting to observe how much inner work happens in the first session and as the person genuinely yearns for more, this healthy attraction snowballs into a divine romance.