"The Heartlight Ascension Workshop is a profound master plan for achieving a complete healing of spirit. As I became steady in my practice of the daily healing treatment, I found my frustrations giving way to peace, clarity, ease, confidence, forgiveness and synchronicity. All my needs are now easily met with and I look forward to my daily healing treatments with great enthusiasm and focus.

Thank you so much Gulrukh!"

- Villy

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What is Heartlight?

Heartlight Ascension has been given to humanity at this time as a very special and sacred gift. The sacredness, purity and simplicity of its virgin truth are an experience that keeps us forever deeply conscious, fresh and new! Through it, we release the old conditioning of the egoic mind and we own the joy of oneness with Being.

Q. What is Heartlight?

A. It is the divine life force energy, which each one of us has been granted by the Divine Light, God, Spirit.

Q. What is Heartlight Ascension?

A. Heartlight Ascension is the channeling of healing energy from God's Light to our own individual Heartlight. We raise our frequencies into upward spirals of good. We motivate ourselves to sustain this energy and rise, or ascend, with our Heart's light.

"By embarking on the Heartlight Ascension Workshop level I & II, I have felt and discovered positive changes in my days. I have become much more calm and peaceful within, and can utilize the power of the divine healing energy for my studies and training as a gemologist. I am sure that anyone can achieve this deep core level of transformation with Heartlight Ascension. Dr. Bala’s gentle guidance has helped me at every step."

- Kanta

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Level I
We receive the First Cosmic Attunement that augments the divine Light within each of us. This attunement activates a clearing and cleansing of old patterns of many lifetimes.

Level II
The Cosmic Attunement received in Level II helps us expand, deepen and strengthen our link with the Light, opening the doorway to heal our Karma. We are also given three very simple and pure Light symbols and taught how to practice distance healing techniques.

Level III
In Level III, we are offered a most enriching attunement - the Master symbol and three deep core meditations. We find our energies completely merging with the Source and we feel the Presence that is who I Am. We receive what takes many people scores of solitary years to achieve in the mountains. It is the consequence of many lifetimes of merit earned.

"The chance to meet and take the Heartlight Workshops with Gulrukh has been a life altering experience. Gulrukh's presence is one of peace and love and the light that comes from her is amazing. My heart has opened up to give and receive love and I now choose to live everyday in the light, in love and always in gratitude for the many blessings in my life. Gulrukh's affirmations are wonderful and I continue with them daily. Her wisdom and love has touched my life and I shall forever be grateful for the chance to meet such a loving soul. I now love the reflection in the mirror staring back at me and the light I now give to others.

Thank you Gulrukh!"

- Dawn Marie

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Level IV
Level Four of Heartlight Ascension offers us the virgin truth of Being. This attunement gives us the pillar of Light expansion in our higher chakras, which overflows into our world. This precious attunement holds the vibratory frequencies of Source waves, faster than the speed of Light. Being attuned at this level of Mastery provides the deepest knowledge that Self-worth is humility. It is called the Overflow workshop!

Level V
The Fifth level workshop offers the Grand Mastership for Ascension. Deep core experiences and the attunement from the Source to the Core with the sacred symbol, carries the participant into an unprecedented expansion of Consciousness. Focused constancy of purpose coupled with conscious, alive clarity, leads the participant into the realm of stillness where we experience our grandness - I AM.