"All that my spirit has longed to express, and my heart has waited to unfold, I have received in the Heal your Inner Child Workshop, with Dr. Bala. My deepest wounds are healing. Some have been dissolved in the workshop itself. I feel complete and whole. I feel the entire Universe is willing to help me manifest my goals. I wish I had found this workshop years and years ago!

My deep gratitude and God bless you."

- Reena

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Each one of us has a fragile inner child who needs loving, nurturing and encouragement. Through the cosmic attunement which is always the most empowering moment of every workshop, each participant awakens to recognize and acknowledge the scared child within and holds it, making it feel secure on all levels of being, right from infancy to the present day.

Through the practical tools offered, we receive amazing inner strength, courage and acceptance by the end of the workshop in order to access our higher self. This workshop especially heals long-standing emotional and physical imbalances. We release the pain of our past and begin to relive our life with the freedom of happiness and peace