"Dr .Gulrukh Bala is indeed a true guide and wonderful teacher. I entered into the world of Crystals with deep joy, under her guidance.

Crystalline Ascension levels 1, 2 and 3 held for me major time periods of rise in energy levels when I actually slowed down in time.

The magical healing powers of Crystals brought about powerful shifts in energy frequencies within me. It brought me to experience my inner body and to know the working of Stillness.

I have fully trained with Dr. Bala as an awakener and am so much more at ease with myself. I hold tranquility and positivity each day... open in spirit, more and more and still yet more. The journey is endless and all we need is a willing, open heart."

- Jasmine

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About Crystals

Crystals are cradled in beloved Mother Earth and have been on our planet from the beginning of time. They hold energies within their form and color, to bring harmony and healing to our chakras, awakening our higher spiritual centers, bringing balance to the body, mind, feelings, emotions and spirit.

The energy within pure crystals connects with our bodily elements and conducts deep core healing. Our cells receive balance and the corresponding glands and hormones are rejuvenated. Imbalances are reversed and we master our metabolism free from external chemical invasion. They release all our mis-qualified energies into the Light.

Crystals share a great affinity with us because they have the same five elements within them as we do. They also contain over seventy percent of water energy just as we do. Every healing crystal has a corresponding color and healing property of our chakra energies, thus bringing harmony into our being within minutes. There is a crystal for every imbalance.

Crystalline Ascension and Therapy workshops have three levels of learning. People find that the education they receive on these subjects is only surpassed by their enjoyment of the process.

"Life is the ultimate teacher. The learning brought me to Gulrukh Ma and it was only natural progression that I completed all the levels of Crystals and Heartlight Ascension. What they gave me would take up many pages, so I'll only say that they helped me to have a better understanding of all that is.

The more I work with crystals, the more I feel my relationship grow with them. They have brought about a gentle but sure transformation over my life; healing relationships, inspiring confidence, clearing space and filling it with only positive energy.

To those of you who find this does not make much sense, I can only say that you must find out for yourself, and for those who do understand, you are already well on your way!"

- Roshan

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Level I
In this introduction to Crystalline Ascension and Therapy, the history, geography and science of Crystals are taught. Healing exercises are practiced and a first attunement to Crystalline energies is experienced.

Level II
Four basic healing grids and pendulum dowsing are taught in the Second level. Pendulum dowsing is a method by which the cosmic energy gives us the rightmost answer to our queries without disturbing the harmony of our being and our world. This absorbing workshop is filled with multiple exercises providing hands on experience with Crystals.

Level III
Powerful attunements are offered whereby one is brought to an understanding of advanced grid formation using creative intuition and involution. Four essential grid formations are practiced and guidance is offered for making a grid specific to one's needs. These are then activated by the facilitator and used for healing the situation being addressed. A deep core meditation is an essential part of this workshop.