I met Dr. Bala through a friend in March 2016. Many times over the past two years other people recommended I attend her talks. The workshops I attended were: Love, Chakra and Aura Balancing, Loving Kindness and more. They were absolutely a divine experience; unlike any other. I felt immediately drawn to Dr. Bala's voice, intention and wisdom. I learned so much within just a few hours. I also attended a 2 hour healing session...I am still feeling the effects from release, increased self love and most of all a better developed coping system. The crystals added insight and magic to my home, jacket pockets and sleep space. My absolute favorite and most astounding purchase was Rose Essential Oil directly from India. This oil is unlike any other and supports my life daily in many ways. I sell essential oils, so this experience added so much to my views on pure grade oils. Lastly, the books and CDs were added bonuses and allow me to continue with Dr. Bala and her work when she is not in town. Looking forward to the next time.

Halley Cegalia
March 2016

Dr. Gulrukh Bala is a wise and compassionate humanitarian and healer. She has been a tremendous healing force in my life, and I feel so fortunate to call her my teacher and my friend. I have had the opportunity to witness the dramatic effect she has had for so many, with both physical and emotional issues. The world is a better place with Gulrukh in it.

Laurie Crouse
May 2016

I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Gulrukh Bala for over 5 years. The icredible healing prayer infused essential oil blends she creates are unique... very different from any other oils I have purchased. In addition, her heartlight infused healing crystals, bracelets and headbands are so beneficial for our mental, physical and spiritual health. A great teacher, I have learned so much and grown from her vasy wisdom. I highly recommend a healing session. We are so blessed to have Dr. Bala here in New York to offer her divine talents. Thank you Gulrukh. God Bless.

Lori Jo Siegel
Croton on Hudson, NY
USA 2016

Gulrukh Bala - Her voice is Magic, it is Music, and if you've never meditated before, it will make the process easy and deep. There is a timbre in her voice that is like a precision tuning fork..it will resonate with your deepest self. Gulrukh's liquid bell tones are actually harmonic chords vibrating on a range of levels that gently, inexorably, deliver you softly into the Heart of the Universe. It is a place of safety and selfhood; she is an extraordinary guide and you can trust her to take you exactly where you most need to go.

Susan Heller
Writer | Producer | Director
USA 2016

I have received deep core healing from Dr. Gulrukh Bala for the past four years. She has a wealth of information on crystal healing, therapeutic essential oils and most of all,renewing our energy systems using the divine dispensation she has received of Heartlight Ascension. I have learned so much from her.

Her essential oil blends deeply uplift and heal me. Am most thankful.

Lori Jo

Being with Dr Bala in a private conference is a therapeutic spiritual experience. She helps you open up to receive informational experience from the here and now,and the past,so that you can focus on life with increased self-understanding. There is a mystical continuity from session to session under her guidance,which comes from her words, her voice and the spirit energy she channels. I recommend that being with Dr Bala is a personally valuable experience which everyone should avail of if the opportunity comes your way.

Dr Harry J Brown
Weston CT

Dr. Gulrukh Bala is a spiritual master, a gifted teacher and guide, an oasis of love. She offers prayer, healing, and meditation with such warmth, wisdom, and gentleness that I open to a deeper connection to source and humanity. She is a treasure of ancient wisdom, stories, and knowing. I have been drawn into her heart space, where she continuously nourishes me, and my gratitude knows no bounds.

Vicki Mintz
Energy Harmony - Jin Shin Jyutsu

Dr. Bala is a direct line to the divine. She has had a profound impact on my life and healing path. Deep gratitude.

Laurie Crouse
Westport CT

Healing Oils!!

Over the years, A Grade Therapeutic Essential Oils have just become a complete part of me.

Regularly massaging my body with the oils so graciously made by Dr.Bala according to my specific areas of concern, has tremendously helped me release stale blocks from my tissues effortlessly. A new me has emerged, like a butterfly set free from its tight caterpillar stage! This newness keeps me focused in life's present moments completely.

There are techniques which Dr. Bala guides each one personally to achieve our special goal.

My grand-daughter who is five and a half years young, had a long history of grinding her teeth in her sleep. I requested a suitable oil blend . Lo! that problem has almost gone. This oil blend was given just three months ago.

My daughter uses oil blends each night on the soles of her feet where all our nerves hold the sacred acupressure points of our body. She feels so good and encourages her husband to use them daily. These sacred Oils are such an integral part of our lives. The secret here is..they are one hundred percent pure..free from any carrier oil! You just have to go for these!

Roshan Contractor
Pune, India

The deep core healing qualities of Heartlight Ascension crystals.

At first it appears that Gulrukh works with the most basic, readily available crystals. As a crystal healer, I work with many rare and valuable crystals with fancy names and staggering price tags.

When I first saw the crystals Gulrukh offers for Heartlight healing, they appeared to be ones I knew well. She works with the crystals that are the backbone of crystal healing- the basic chakra crystals. No fancy names. However, she has held them in an intense prayer field of love energy for a long while and hence these specific crystals carry a vibration that work beyond the level of the crystals and stand tall in their own healing. They have accessed quantum jumps in their own vibrations. If I had to give it a name, I would call them "nourishing". They come in at a very high level and fill in the "hungry" spaces made by illness, injury or trauma to the chakras. I always, always wear at least one of her bracelets and keep her crystals in my environment at home and work.

They are different.

It "looks" like a basic chakra bracelet or a simple crystal pyramid. Nope. There's more there. You can feel it. You just know it. They are the "gotta have it" kind of crystal.

Liz Crystalistener
New York

The purity of A Grade Therapeutic Essential Oils

Gulrukh's use of the best quality Essential Oils have brought me to experience a remarkable quality and scent unlike any other healing grade oils available.

As an essential oil lover, I work with the most popular and highest grade essential oils available and I am a bit of a snob about quality. I work with only two other brands of oils, and they are great. However, Gulrukh's oils have been energized in her Heartlight Ascension sanctum before they are set for sale. Hence they all carry a quality that the others do not match, even though others say they are pure preimum oils.

Her pure rose oil is the finest highest vibrational oil that I know of, bar none (except, perhaps, her sandalwood!). It has a scent and an effect that make it comparable to no other.

Her blends are unique and totally Agrade ..that which others cannot approach, regardless of their name, claim, popularity or expense. I consider her energized Heartlight Ascension therapeutic essential oils to be my most valuable and worthwhile investment in spiritual well being.

Liz Connell
New York

Dr Bala and I were connected when my belief in my own creation truly began. I am a spiritual being, but I, like many, allow the every day energies to take over my life. Dr Bala has shown me how to manifest creative visualisation, write my own intentions and keep on writing. Through her meditations, her healing ways, I am learning and allowing myself to grow. My worries and concerns that were all encumbering, have released with her realistic advice and energy. My body feels lighter and mybreathing calmer .. no longer any chest pain I follow my intuition, and every day I breathe in a deeper way as guided, I now know how to communicate in a different way, when concerns cloud my mind, I am able to breathe through them and re-create positive thoughts. Dr Bala has so much compassion. She BELIEVES and with belief in myself I can do anything. God Bless and thank you.

Elise Bulie

My experiences with Dr. Bala have been magical , life changing and then life affirming. Dr. Bala encourages you to open your heart , to open your mind and to open yourself to love. She asks you to step outside your comfort zone so that you can live and love more fully. The weight of many lifetimes is lifted. Dr. Bala speaks to your inner most fears and coaxes them out to see the light, feel the warmth of the sun and get resolved. She reaches in and unlocks the closed door to your heart , rais ing the veils that have covered the mind ' s eye. She is always ready to walk it with you , willingly redirect ing her words to keep you moving toward s an enriched life of hope and love. It's yours if you take the first tentative step.

Janice Mayeran

Dr. Bala is an extremely gifted healer. Her gentle, loving nature warm and comfort me during her sessions. She is connected to the divine and gives amazing guidance and wisdom. Her ability to tap in to exactly what I am going through and what I need to heal and grow is remarkable. The energy healings are deep and I feel so connected to my spirit, higher self, and God. I am very thankful .

Elise Deitch

Dr. Gulrukh Bala entered my journey of self discovery and healing a mere two months ago and her Presence has changed my life. I have attended her workshops which she is invited as a guest speaker to, for assorted healing modalities. Her mystical, humble guidance comes direct from Spirit and is overwhelmingly restoring in the complex pace of life that we all currently face. To be sure there is no magical elixir to her extraordinary spiritual healing power. Her guidance is sacred and we must each accept the challenge she channels for us individually. I am astounded by the remarkably personal inspiration which her message simultaneously delivered, individually, to a broad audience. Somehow, each participant in her workshops receives the desired spiritual guidance which each came hoping to receive. Truly miraculous!!! Dr. Gulrukh has a gift which she shares completely and should not to be missed, if at all possible.

Joe E. S., PhD
Fairfield, CT USA

Dr Bala's sessions helped my son clear his suicidal depression. He is now an excellent student at Harvard.

Melanie De rossi
November 1999

Dr. Gulrukh Bala is certainly a gifted soul. A healer par excellence. Her healing sessions are unique, extraordinarily deep, powerful and leave a profound experience, every time.

Last night was a deeply profound Skype healing experience.

The most amazing,deep core healing I have ever had. I lay in bed for thirty minutes after, in an absolute state of bliss. I felt angels and guides slowly mending my wounds in a magical dance around me.

When I was asked to exhale through my mouth and release any energy that doesn’t serve me any more I felt a swirl of stale energy leave.

All through the healing my body was illuminated. It was absolutely surreal. After I got up I cleared my apartment,feeling so fresh and filled with joy. It became clear to me how we are energy and how important it is to remember to breathe and live in good energy... to take care of oneself and respect the truth of the universe. Perception and energy are hand and hand. Thoughts and words are energy keys to unlock the truth that exists in every natural thing.

Dr. Bala has assisted me to completely transform my life in the most amazingly positive way.

Since I started working with her my life has continuously spiraled in an upward direction, getting closer to spirit, God and my true self with every step. Even in moments of skepticism her teachings and spirit have ALWAYS revealed truth and abolished all doubt. The veils of illusion have continuously been lifted by her wisdom. Even in an energy healing over the computer as I have just narrated above, my mind, body, and spirit were completely blown away with gratitude and wonder. She is truly God's gift to us all and I am eternally grateful.

Ian Newman

After my healing sessions, I feel very comforted and relaxed and can tell there were shifts happening in my mind, feelings and body.

Gulrukh's life coach sessions helped my girl friend clear her doubt and fear. She is now a full time manager of her own business.

Isaac Noronha
October 2014

Clearly Dr. Bala is a remarkably gifted practitioner who always brings a loving, powerful and intuitive energy and spirit to her work. She has been healing my life now for the past many years. Request you to please carry on your wonderful work forever! Thank you Dr. Bala.

Currim P.
October 2014

Dr Bala

I look forward to all the words of wisdom and guidance that come through this wonderful foundation of light and soul. You are an amazing spirit and healer.

Deep gratitude.

December 2013

Dr Bala,

I am enjoying the Heartlight practice a lot. It has helped me ground myself, help heal my mother and above all, clear so much pain of the past. I am so ready to move on each day with the lessons of gratitude. Humility and forgiveness have opened up wider within me. This is a journey I hardly expected.. loving it so much!

What a gift which keeps on giving!

Bombay, India
July 2013

The A grade Essential Oils are just amazing.Within half an hour of its application, I have released chronic pain of over a decade.

Each inhalation invigorates my being. Thank you !

My dog too is feeling much calmer with the pure fragrance. What a difference it has made to his sleep patterns.

Bombay, India
January 2014

Dear Gulrukh,

Thank you ever so much for all your wonderful Cosmic Kitchen mails from Heartlight. My regular meditations followed by workshops conducted by you, has brought about a distinct change in my life as I grow in awareness, self-esteem and love for myself as well as for my fellow-beings. In my pursuit for happiness I need to work more and Gulrukh is my synergy.

Gool Dick
Bombay, India
April 2010

Ma, or mother as I fondly call her, Dr Gulrukh Bala has brought about revolutionary changes in my life. Having successfully completed Heartlight Ascension up to level three and a number of other workshops with her, my life stands today completely fulfilled and spiritually ecstatic.

Ma taught me the importance of cultivating my heartlight first because, after all, this is who I am. That changed my entire concept of living.

From having always kept myself last, I now deeply fulfill myself at all levels and thus it becomes much easier to do things selflessly for others.

Earlier I needed an acknowledgment in return for all I did. Today I am doing everything so wonderfully for myself, others and also invariably for my higher self!!!!!

Thank you ma for being so kind and patient with me. Love you lots. Good luck, God bless.

Manoj Bellani
Bombay, India
March 2010

The healing experiences I have always had with Dr. Gulrukh Bala can be captured in only one word: "Awesome".

Each time I have come to her with different issues - be it physical or otherwise, the only thing I needed to do was reach her abode of love and light, surrender myself to her and the magic of healing happens each time!

She is such an evolved soul, that merely being in her presence brings about a change in the vibrations. From the stress and tribulations of our daily so called "routine life", one is immediately transported into an oasis of peace and well being. Her unconditional love and depths of wisdom provide a much needed soothing balm to a battered soul and fresh insights into any incident or situation - past or present.

Her sacred self is reflected in each of her spoken word, loving action and amazing intention she brings into the healing sessions and it is that which springs forth into existence for her clients.

All of this magic is available for each one of us through the course of "Heartlight Ascension". I have done two levels of this course and can vouch for its immense potential of healing, creating well being and connecting us to our source energy. It is indeed a life altering experience and I hope it reaches more people across the globe! It has the potential of providing all of us with access to our higher self, abundance, love - in short, all our myriad dreams and aspirations in the most peaceful and powerful way possible!

Reena Sen
Bombay, India
January 2014

Dear, dear Gulrukh, I treasure each one of these "recipes" from the Cosmic Kitchen. I hear your voice through these words, and remember the energy of being in your presence, of feeling the strength of your amazing love that has embraced an ever-growing expansion of consciousness.

To see this in the woman who you are is such a gift.

This birthday time of mine, having reached the number of 95 years, I am fully involved in living every moment of celebration. I want to remember you as an opening that has nothing to do with how many years one lives.

Always grateful, always love,

December 2013

Receiving the daily Cosmic Kitchen Heartlight thoughts & re reading them, gives me a perspective to follow that path in creating newness. It is such a soothing balm for frazzled nerves, & then reminding myself to rise above it. This is all thanks to you, to reach that blissful end.

God Bless. Love you,

New York, New York
May 2010

Thank you! You are the essence of love. I appreciate your daily messages. I am grateful to have been in your presence. Blessings of gratitude

New York, New York
January 2014

I have been a student of Heartlight Ascension and Dr Gulrukh Bala for almost 14 years. During this time I have gained insight, wisdom and spiritual strength. Ultimately all that we do and all that we are exists by the grace of God. The patience, brilliance and accessibility of Dr Bala at important junctures in my life and learning, has illuminated my path and put the particular lessons I've needed to learn in context. What a turn around I've had since my first Heartlight session! Thank God for Dr Bala and the practice of Heartlight!

Also, I must say I dearly love the daily messages from the Cosmic Kitchen. Dr Bala happens to be a great cook both of food and of wisdom! I keep the full array of Cosmic Kitchen offerings on my computer, grouped along a thread. And daily, the new message is added to the group ..yet it's a random message from the past which pops up on the computer screen and catches my attention. Invariably, it is relevant and meaningful.

Try it, you'll like it.

Sylvia Theriault
Wintergreen, VA
January 2014

After a great loss in my life, I was blessed to have connected with Dr Bala and Heartlight Ascension. Fortunate enough to have hosted this amazing woman as a guest speaker in my home over the past two years, I have attended her workshops and had private healing and chakra balancing sessions. Each experience for me was profound and extremely moving.

Guided by Dr Bala's inspirational daily messages, compassion, and loving kindness, I have rediscovered joy and peace, while delving deeper into my own connection to Source. I have also been fortunate to witness the transformation of many others who have attended these sessions.

Dr Bala is a direct line to the divine.

Laurie Crouse
Westport, CT
December 2013

Thank you dear Gulrukh for these amazing messages you send daily from the Cosmic Kitchen. Really appreciate them.

God bless.

NY, New York
January 2014

The weekly meditation Class with Dr. Bala has been an anchor in my life. I look forward to it, through the week, with keen anticipation. It has helped me to clear so many past issues within myself and opened up vistas of confidence & understanding. I have now embarked on working outside the home and earning a good income, while enjoying my job. Above all, my son has healed from deep within and grown in focus and enthusiasm for his graduate studies. These classes are a must for de-stressing and receiving inner peace, to go through our busy lives.

God bless you, Dr. Bala.

- Meher

I want to share this special experience. In one of my sessions with Gulrukh, I had a vision of Ganesha in the form of a statue floating in the clouds, and the features were very specific. It was a large statue, five or six feet tall. That evening I was with some friends and they took me to a house in Juhu, Bombay, a house I had never been to before, and lo and behold I saw the exact statue that I had the vision about, some eight hours earlier. In essence I had seen the future and had made a connection with Ganesha. Until that moment I did not believe in Ganesha.

- Darius

Dr. Bala’s weekly meditations have helped me to clarify my true goals and put me in immediate touch with my life’s purpose. She constantly guides me towards manifesting my deepest dreams. Every minute I spend with her, is most precious.

- Lara J.

I come for healing sessions to Dr. Bala when I feel tired and stressed out. It re-energizes and refreshes all my tired cells and clears the stale dead energy in my body. It helps me release all my pain, anger, irritation and helps me become light. After a healing session, I feel as light as a water drop. It also helps me release all the pressure of confusing thoughts and brings me clarity and a quiet mind. I love using my special Heartlight crystals and I keep them safe with me at all times.

- Misharr

How do I begin to describe the joy I felt from the moment I heard the word Heartlight mentioned by Dr. Bala? My own heart opened up in anticipation of the classes and sessions yet to come. During the levels of Heartlight and receiving of the attunements, my entire being was filled with a gentle, warm golden light. The light radiated throughout my body and a rising of the vibration in the room and within me awakened me to the powerful energy of Heartlight. Many think they need to wait to die to go Home.....in the energy of the Heartlight Master symbol, I experienced Home. Dr. Gulrukh Bala's loving energy and sensitivity touched me deeply during our time together and she has become a sister of my heart and soul.

- Lynne

Dearest Gulrukh,

Your daily messages tug at me with such clarity. It is testimony to your "worldly consciousness"....to FEEL, KNOW and Acknowledge our hearts' ache. I will never forget when I took your Heartlight Course...I had such an epiphany from the HEART, of the upcoming tsunami, (years ago now, in Thailand), and flashes of the change I, and many others, would come to experience.

It tapped into a heart string I didn't know existed!It was a universal thread of consciousness.

Thank you for your work in this lifetime....

Laura Jean