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As human beings we are like a most unique, complex, perfectly tuned musical instrument. Each atom, molecule, cell and tissue within us sends out the vibratory frequencies of body, mind, emotions, feelings and spirit.
This establishes a relationship between each person as well as between us and the awesome cosmic network of vibrations. As with all relationships, there is heartbreak, pain, love, anger, and soaring emotions. In an effort to heal this pain, here are some tried and tested ways for us to retune our instrument.

The healing scent of Essential Oils, the warm touch of Crystals, the soothing sound of Meditation, the strength of powerful Words, they all set in motion a series of vibrations which begin to mend our heart breaks. I have stood by the side of my healing couch for long years and witnessed in wondrous rapture as faces transform from anguish into peace, from sadness into calmness and further into tranquility that flows from gratitude. Physical scars are erased too!
To heal the hidden wounds of heart and head and spirit, all we need is love. Pure love flows from the human touch, the scent of the oils, the warmth of the crystals and the power of words.

Make each moment count!  Take charge of your instrument NOW. Give yourself and your dear ones the finest gift of all. The gift of Love.

Many Blessings

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