1. Is Heartlight Ascension affiliated with any religion?

Heartlight has always been unaffiliated with any religion. It embraces the essential truth that we all come from the one Source and we all return to the same one Source. It is at this point of truth that all religions converge.

  1. Is it possible to practice one’s own religion and Heartlight too?

It is extremely simple to practice one's own religion and Heartlight as one is furthering the truth within. All religions are rooted in the same one Source.

  1. Does the practice of Heartlight require participation in a group?

The practice of Heartlight requires the simplicity of an open willing heart to embrace one's own goodness. Practicing in quiet alone time is just as good as with a group. However, for some beginners, group energy may help them focus.

  1. How will this practice benefit me?

This practice benefits us to the degree of faith we place in it. As deep as we wish to create a change, so deep will Heartlight benefit us in making a change.

Heartlight peels away the layers of old patterns and creates space on the inside. Chakra cleansing occurs and this is of immense benefit to allow the White Light frequency to enter and reside. It takes root as we reconnect with our divinity.

  1. Does Yoga factor into Heartlight Ascension? If so, does that mean I have to do yoga in order to practice Heartlight Ascension?

Heartlight is supramental yoga. It is rooted in our higher mind, the super mind that is above the crown. Yoga, as the world knows it, helps to clear the mental and emotional fields, leading to physical wellness. Heartlight helps to connect with the spiritual space we have forgotten inside of us. Once we train our energies for Heartlight, Yoga spontaneously flows through our nervous system.

We therefore focus all our attention to supramental healing with Heartlight.

  1. How can I sustain Heartlight in my daily life?

The simplest way to sustain Heartlight in my daily life is to adhere to the Prayer of Repentance where we constantly are in forgiveness mode for each thought, word, and action. Daily awareness is essential for this. We own the power to move away from those thoughts, emotions and feelings which trample on our sacred space of peace. Once we 'know' this, we sustain Heartlight.

  1. Where can I learn more about Heartlight?

There are many ways by which one can learn more about Heartlight.

  • Learn more about Heartlight by reading the book You Can Bridge The Divide by Dr. Bala.
  • Contact Dr. Bala by email. She will be happy to answer all questions.
  • Train under Dr Gulrukh Bala who is an Ascended Master. Her mission is to promote as much peace and harmony on our planet as possible.

    Dr. Bala offers telephone sessions for those who are unable to meet her in person. The ongoing Heartlight workshops are personally conducted by her all over the world. The energy of Heartlight is extremely sacred and one receives its fullness in an attunement during these workshops.
  1. Are there books I should be reading to enhance my spiritual development?

Please find listed eleven essential books which can enhance spiritual development...

  1. The Holy Bible
  2. Where There Is Light by Sri Paramhansa Yogananda
  3. The Dhammapada by Dr Harishchandra Kaviratna
  4. The Road Less travelled by M. Scott Peck
  5. Meher Baba Calling by Meher Baba
  6. The Divine Romance by Sri Paramhansa Yogananda
  7. The Book of Knowledge., The Keys of Enoch by J.J.Hurtak
  8. Sri Aurobindo or the Adventure of Consciousness by Satprem
  9. The Laws of the Spirit World by Mrs Khorshed R Bhavnagri
  10. You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay
  11. Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain