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Each continent of Earth has specific varieties of crystals that are known to have innate healing properties. Dr. Bala assembles from each part of the world only those crystals with the greatest potential for pure healing and protection.  Each crystal is then cleansed, programmed and imbued with the highest intent for the person who wishes to have it.

Some common Crystals for overall wellness and health are presented in the following selection.

Rose Quartz  - Loving kindness and compassion for Self first. Releases anger and frustration.

Clear Quartz  - Clarity and confidence for Self first. Releases confusion.

Purple and Lilac Amethyst  - Absorbs dark energies and clears auric field.

Black Tourmaline  - Protective of self and dispels all negativity.

Amber - Rejects all gray energies.

Green Quartz - Maintains abundance and releases the pain of the past.

Orange Carnelian  - Opens up career opportunities.

Bloodstone  - Business and legal success and circulatory wellness [Blood pressure, heart, diabetes, cholesterol]

Smoky Quartz  -  Clears depression and cancers.

Green Aventurine  - Clears cell phone energies and brings peace.

Moonstone  - Calmness, cool head and heart.

Crystals are available to be placed in the home or office space (Rocks, Grape bunches, Pyramids, Single Pointed Generators, Hearts, Spheres, Crystal Trees) and in the form of exquisite custom made jewelry (combination bracelets, double-pointed crystal pendants, single and double strand necklaces) so that the stones touch the body and impart its healing energy. It should be noted that crystals are always to be kept in the earth element. This means they are placed in pure metals from the earth specifically gold, silver, copper, when used in healing jewelry.

When they are placed on a table, it is always in blown glass, wood, bamboo, silver, copper, or gold containers. When we carry them, they should be encased in cotton or paper. Any other form of container will disrupt the flow of crystalline energies for healing. Our jewelry is made with pure silver with the exception of a few pieces set in copper for targeted healing purposes.

While crystals and crystal combinations are available for every request, here are some examples where they have brought amazing results:

Appetite  Arthritis Congestion Digestion
Education Ear pain Eyes and Vision Gout
Hair Loss Harmony Jet Lag Joint Relief
Memory Gain Pain Relief Prosperity Release Grief
Rheumatism Weight (Loss and Gain)    

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