What is a Chakra?

Chakra is the Sanskrit word for "wheel". Each chakra is an energy center appearing as a spinning wheel of light. The wheel represents the degree of energy in an individual body. These chakras, which receive and transmit energy, are also called lotuses. Just as a lotus blooms on the water though its roots are buried deep in the murky pond, so also can a chakra open and blossom when we heal ourselves though we continue to live in the world of desires. We become lotuses which blossom in the world but remain untainted by the world.

Chakras vibrate in our subtle body. They are a bridge between the physical and the auric field, transmitting energy from one level to another. This is universal life force energy that is in all living beings. Each chakra is assigned to a major system in our body and is related to organs and glands. In addition, each chakra has its own color and corresponding beej mantra or healing seed sound - an elemental sound, evocative of foundational vibrations specific to human beings.

Benefits of clearing our chakras

Every single thought, feeling and emotion is held in our nervous system. Thus, the unhappy ones can cloud the energy and even block it in time. When a chakra is blocked, we are unable to access high energy level and therefore experience imbalance.

Happy, positive thoughts, feelings and emotions expand the healing energy in our chakras. So, unblocked chakras are excellent indicators of good thoughts, good words, good feelings, emotions, actions and health.

Positive affirmations and visualizations are very helpful for awakening chakras. The opening up of all the chakras gives us clarity, confidence and spiritual guidance to remain centered and at peace with every breath, without using any other person as a crutch. One becomes in-dependent. Therefore the root of all good as well as the root of all evil is in our thoughts. It is entirely up to us to make our heaven on earth.

Spiritual Chakras

Above the crown we have seventy-two spiritual chakras that extend to twenty times the height of our body and are our connection with our Source.

Color: Brilliant pearlescent silver white, signifying purity and peace.

Beej mantra (seed sound): Hrih - intoned for maintaining harmony within this spectacular spiritual ladder.

As these chakras open and blossom, we are in a continual state of heightened awareness of the supra-mental force working within us. We are constantly functioning from spiritual awareness rather than the unconscious state we hold in our mental awareness.

Through daily single pointed focus on our Heartlight treatment, the qualities of peace, harmony, love, compassion, forgiveness and humility take root in these chakras and we awaken to the inner body which is working with such crisp aliveness.

Crown Chakra

The Crown is our cap of light. As the topmost opening of our physical being, it is connected to the pineal master gland and also connects us to our spiritual chakras.

As the crown remains unblocked with our daily Heartlight treatment, we maintain complete consciousness of our spiritual nature. When this brilliant cap of light begins to blossom, richer and deeper thoughts and emotions are experienced.

The body enjoys good health and mental focus is enhanced. Intuitiveness is strengthened and a direct link is forged between our Heartlight and divine light, which gives us a feeling of having reached home.

Sanskrit name: Sahasrahara, which means a thousand fold.

Colors : Violet or pearlescent, silver white

Beej mantra (seed sound): Aha.

Third Eye Chakra

The Third eye chakra is located between our eyebrows just above the bridge of our nose and is linked to the pituitary master gland.

The third eye is the eye of our Heartlight and graces us with freedom. It is also increases our sixth sense, perception, awareness and intuition.

We are brought in touch with the stillness ofinternal wisdom, becoming aware that all the answers we are looking for on the outside, are within us. We are our own teachers.

The guru we seek has always lived in us eternal and silent, waiting for us to remember and reconnect.

Sanskrit name: Ajna, which means to know or to command.

Color: Deep indigo.

Beej mantra (seed sound): A’hu – the breath of God.

Throat Chakra

This chakra is linked to the thyroid master gland as well as to the parathyroid glands. It is the throat chakra that releases all the toxins from our communication within ourselves.

Old thoughts and feelings are cleared as the throat chakra releases the toxic wastes of fear. We are able to communicate and express our feelings effectively and genuinely with a clarity in our voice.

Our telepathic creativity activatesan inner hearing and we experience an expansive awakening, conscious that we are eternal spirit light. We begin to live inthe pristine present moment having understood that the painful memories of the past are forever in the past.

Sanskrit name: Vishuddhi, which means purification.

Color: Beautiful sky blue, expansive and limitless.  

Beej mantra (seed sound): Hum.

Heart Chakra

This chakraholds the original eight divine love cells, embodying the phrase - God has created man in His/Her own image.

The heart chakra is located between the fourth and fifth vertebrae at the center of the chest, connected with the thymus master gland.It deals with matters of the heart, such as loving ourselves completely, resolvingrelationship issuesand practicing compassion.

The love that we experience when the heart chakra is unblocked is an abiding love from our heart to ourselves first. It lights up all of our other chakras and this shimmering radiance ascends into the crown and the seventy-two higher spiritual chakras, merging with the Source.

This is the supra-mental yoga of Heartlight Ascension.It overflows from our being to our world, holding the experience of feeling one with everyone.

This universal love steadily heals and transforms our lives as allthe other chakras are cleared of selfish, petty desires. Loving compassion becomes a part of our nature.

Sanskrit name: Anahata that means unstruck sound.

Color: vibrant red

Beej mantra (seed sound): Yum

Solar Plexus Chakra

The solar plexus chakra is located between the twelfth thoracic vertebra and the first lumbar vertebra and is connected to the pancreatic gland.

This chakra represents ourconscious dynamicwill, potential and power. It is the storehouse for universal life force energy. This energy can be directed to any part of the body or to other people through visualization. It is the central point of our spiritual reality.

When this chakra blossoms, we master the ability to see our body from within – we become conscious of the entire system as it functions. When the solar plexus is blocked, we suppress our emotions, our drive and our anger.

We embrace humility as a form of harmony in which we celebrate our own worth, while sincerely believing that every other person on the planet is just as worthy as we are.

Sanskrit name: Manipura

Color: Deep golden yellow like a field of daffodils or sunflowers

Beej mantra: Rum

Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra is also called the Hara, which is a Japanese word, meaning seat of power.It is located within the abdomen, midway between the pubic bone and navel and is connected with the ovaries or the testes.

All our desires take birth in this chakra and they stimulate corresponding thoughts and feelings. We can erase the hurt to the egoic mind when we practice daily Heartlight healing for the Hara.

When this chakra blossoms, our intuition and psychic abilities are increased. All the sexual energy can be constructively used as it rises into the higher chakras, gathering subliminalwholeness and oneness with Being.

Sanskrit name: Svadishthana, which means sweetness or one’s own abode.

Color: Bright orange like the blazing fire of the sun representing well-being and Self-confidence

Beej mantra (seed sound): Vum.

Root Chakra

The Root chakra is connected to our adrenal glands and represents stability. As it unveils and blossoms, its vibratory frequency shifts and spirals upwards, ascending through the other chakrasunveiling each of them in turn. This awakens a sense of purpose, belonging, and willingness to take response-ability for our own thoughts, words and actions.

We realize we are so filled with our own impurities that we make a conscious decision to spend all the time we can to clear them rather than focusing on the lives of others.

Sanskrit name: Muladhara, meaning base, root or support.

Color: Lush green, like the fields sprawling over mother earth.

Beej mantra (seed sound): Lum

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