About Dr. Gulrukh Bala

Dr. Bala is an Ascended Master and the founder of Heartlight Ascension, which is supramental yoga. Supramental means that one perceives an experience with every fiber of one’s being; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It is knowing in the most profound sense of the word, it is whole-istic in that it is what is in its entirety, not just in part. There is complete freedom to create and manifest in the ability to see/feel/know oneself as part of the whole of all others.

Gulrukh discovered her own spiritual gifts when she was quite young. One of the mysteries she learned is that everyone has the same access to their Internal Knower, their God, their Guides, their Light and their Truth. Her deeply intuitive interpersonal skills have graced many with the understanding of how to access the Divine with the energies that are active at all times, in all people.

Gulrukh has spent her life investigating, practicing, teaching and sharing these techniques with others. Her holistic healing has manifested in a 25 year career that includes being a Consultant, Workshop Leader, Energy Healer and Counselor.

Before devoting herself full time to Heartlight Ascension, Gulrukh was also a distinguished academic in English Literature and Psychology. She combined this knowledge with multi-modalities of healing, which in turn led her to develop Heartlight Ascension. This supramental approach directly connects the flow of thought, to the flow of breath. This yogic training, which goes beyond the mind, is vital for maintaining clear energy centers.

Gulrukh nurtures a unique and deep understanding of Source in present day life. As an Ascended Master, she has been given the spiritual name of Jyotirma, Mother of the Divine Flame.  She is helping thousands across the world to look inside, beyond the every day mundane world, to reach higher and more profound levels of fulfillment.